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Water Company of America coordinates the exchange of raw, unjoined customer account information for study and analysis. This is accomplished via download, in whatever manner is most advantageous to the City Information Technology Department. Historical consumption and billing data as well as standard customer information such as: service address, customer name, meter number, billing codes, unit count, meter installation date, etc. is transferred.

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Once this customer account information is in hand, WCA begins the task of adapting its proprietary computer software queries and sort routines that facilitate the identification of unbilled and misbilled utility services. These adaptations allow WCA to effectively utilize utility data in whatever format it may be available.

The company’s investment in development costs of over $380,000 has yielded proprietary software that is flexible, adaptable, and custom built for studies of this nature for the Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and Solid Waste industries. It operates independently of the City’s Utility Billing System, and in no way impacts the integrity of the utility’s billing data.

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The analysis of account data in this manner, which is unlike other less effective methods utilized by others, provides significant benefits to the client, including:


Quantity of revenue produced.


Accuracy of quantifying revenue enhancement.


Quality of discoveries and corrective action stand the test of time.


WCA is committed to isolating the more difficult account problems (unknown or unlisted taps and connections), rather than the merely obvious.

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