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Our Services

Since 1989, Water Company of America (WCA) has specialized in locating, assessing and correcting problem conditions in the field related to water metering, wastewater collection and stormwater; as well as utility billing database discrepancies, thereby increasing utility revenues.

About Us

WCA has the personnel, equipment, and expertise to inspect municipal systems of all sizes for revenue losses, and can help recover lost revenues without requiring the utility to increase its budget, personnel, or rates. We will assist the city staff in its efforts to ensure that all the services delivered to its customers are fairly and accurately metered and billed.

The Program

Water Company of America, through consultation with Department staff, will examine the utility billing system and the distribution and collection systems in the field for accuracy in metering, billing and collection.

The Benefits

Revenue leaks stopped today will be less costly to remedy than if allowed to compound themselves over long periods of time. Our services are no risk to your organization. We will not charge unless we find a discrepancy.

AWWA says “Every System Experiences Water Loss”

Apparent losses and real losses can have a tremendous impact on the utility company. We are here to identify these losses. WCA focuses on apparent loss and mitigates risk to you by not charging if we do not find any non-revenue water.

Our Software Solution

Water Company of America coordinates the exchange of raw, unjoined customer account information for study and analysis. This is accomplished via download, in whatever manner is most advantageous to the City Information Technology Department.

Who is Water Company of America (WCA)

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ISI Water Company has served public agencies since 1989 by providing a unique program for revenue recovery through the meticulous evaluation of an entity’s utility billing system to find lost revenue.

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