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Executive Summary

ISI Water Company is the originator of a unique performance-based service designed to identify and correct unbilled utility service for governmental agencies and therefore capture increased revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Water Company of America, what services do we offer, and how does our billing work? Learn the answers to these frequently asked questions, and more.

Who is WCA

The Benefits

Performance-based contracts, recognized technical expertise, and immediately increased revenue are just some of the numerous benefits that WCA offers.

The WCA Solution


Since 1989, Water Company of America (WCA) has specialized in locating, assessing and correcting problem conditions in the field related to water metering, wastewater collection and stormwater; as well as utility billing database discrepancies, thereby increasing utility revenues.

The Program

Water Company of America, through consultation with Department staff, will examine the utility billing system and the distribution and collection systems in the field for accuracy in metering, billing and collection.

WCA Solution

The Software

Water Company of America coordinates the exchange of raw, unjoined customer account information for study and analysis. This is accomplished via download, in whatever manner is most advantageous to the City Information Technology Department. 

WCA Software

The Problem

Unaccounted-for service is unavoidable in the operation of any water, wastewater or stormwater system; it results from a number of factors which are grouped in two categories; real loss, such as leaks and apparent loss, such as meter inaccuracy, billing errors, unlisted connections and other factors. WCA targets the apparent loss.