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Since 1989, Water Company of America (WCA) has specialized in locating, assessing and correcting problem conditions in the field related to water metering, wastewater collection and stormwater; as well as utility billing database discrepancies, thereby increasing utility revenues.

WCA has the personnel, equipment, and expertise to inspect municipal systems of all sizes for revenue losses, and can help recover lost revenues without requiring the utility to increase its budget, personnel, or rates.

It all begins with a detailed analysis of historical account data. Our experienced analysts utilize skills developed through years of first-hand exposure to municipal utility operations, aided by a proprietary software developed specifically for these functions by WCA, to pinpoint possible problem areas. Once located, our multidisciplined ground crews employ the latest technology to verify usage, monitor wastewater and verify stormwater fees.

The Problem

Unaccounted-for service is unavoidable in the operation of any water, wastewater or stormwater system; it results from a number of factors which are grouped in two categories; real loss and apparent loss. WCA targets the apparent loss.

The Program

Water Company of America, through consultation with Department staff, will examine the utility billing system and the distribution and collection systems in the field for accuracy in metering, billing and collection.

The Software

WCA Software

Water Company of America coordinates the exchange of raw, unjoined customer account information for study and analysis. This is accomplished via download, in whatever manner is most advantageous to the City Information Technology Department.

We have the equipment, manpower and expertise to inspect municipal systems of all sizes for revenue losses due to a variety of problem areas, such as:

Unlisted Service

This occurs in all utility services; water, wastewater, stormwater and solid waste. Simply stated, when a customer receives the service and there is no active account in the utility billing database for that service, it is unlisted. This is the most complicated problem to discover and is one in which WCA is a specialist.

Billing Discrepancies

Rates vary widely among municipal utilities. WCA has the expertise to analyze the nuances, modify the company software accordingly, and ferret out those instances where rates are misapplied.

Unbilled Sewer

Some water-only customers may actually be using sewer services they are not paying for. WCA can locate those who are improperly avoiding sewer charges, investigate and establish the actual usage level.

Faulty Field Data

An example is an incorrect commercial property impervious area square footage, which results in underbilled stormwater fees.

Bypassed Meters

These problems relate to legitimate emergency bypass abuse as well as outright theft of service. In either case, the resolution can only be obtained by a careful, diligent field investigation.

Malfunctioning Meters

Meters fail over time, as any mechanical device tends to do. The utility staff identifies the vast majority of failed meters in the normal course of internal business. WCA specializes in locating meter failures that are not apparent, or that are masked by other property conditions. In this manner, WCA compliments staff efforts rather than competing with them.


  • Delivering revenue enhancement to the utility while WCA bears the risk.​
  • Provides new revenue to fund non-budgeted services.
  • Provides immediate increased revenue on current services.​​
  • Brings recognized technical expertise to assist utility’s staff.​
  • Improves accountability for services to all customers.​
  • Delivers ongoing increased revenue to the utility after the program’s completion.
  • Revenue leaks stopped today will be less costly to remedy than if allowed to compound themselves over long periods of time.​
  • Provides solutions to administrative and policy glitches in the billing system and procedures.
  • Creates a heightened awareness among staff and departments of the need to operate effectively and efficiently.​
  • Provides solutions for specific distribution and collection system problems in the field.​

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