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The Program

Water Company of America, through consultation with Department staff, will examine the utility billing system and the distribution and collection systems in the field for accuracy in metering, billing and collection.

The objective of this examination will be to identify causes of and remedies for inaccuracies and deficiencies that negatively impact utility revenue and rate payer equity.


WCA will identify opportunities for revenue recovery through the correction of problems not previously identified by the utility staff.


WCA’s revenue enhancement program will produce increased revenue for the municipality from services that are currently being provided. In other words, this is found or new money that the municipality will have for its discretionary use.

WCA locates this unbilled and misbilled service through a proprietary system analysis, unique to the industry, and subsequent physical investigation of all accounts identified as having potential revenue recovery characteristics.

As discrepancies are located and confirmed, changes are made to the utility’s billing system and/or to the physical metering system to produce new revenue. WCA does the entire job as an independent contractor without disrupting normal service or daily operations.

The Software

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Water Company of America coordinates the exchange of raw, unjoined customer account information for study and analysis.

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