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The Problem: Unaccounted-for Service

The Need: Accountability

The appropriate fees should be collected for all services rendered to ensure the operational health of the utility. Each year millions of dollars are lost by utilities because of unbilled and/or misbilled utility services.


Who We Are

WCA has the personnel, equipment, and expertise to inspect municipal systems of all sizes for revenue losses, and can help recover lost revenues without requiring the utility to increase its budget, personnel, or rates.


What We Do

Water Company of America will assist the city staff in its efforts to ensure that all the services delivered to its customers are fairly and accurately metered and billed.

How It Works

The program is performance fee based. We work strictly for a share of recovered revenues. It is a win-win-win situation for the utility, for WCA, and for your customers. WCA helps to ensure that the customers using the services are the ones paying for those services.

The Program

Water Company of America, through consultation with Department staff, will examine the utility billing system and the distribution and collection systems in the field for accuracy in metering, billing and collection.

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