1.  Performance based contract; delivering revenue enhancement to the utility while WCA bears        the risk.

  2.  Brings recognized technical expertise to assist utility’s staff.

  3.  Provides immediate increased revenue on current services.

  4.  Provides new revenue to fund non-budgeted services.

  5.  Delivers ongoing increased revenue to the utility after the program’s completion.

  6.  Improves accountability for services to all customers.

  7.  Improves "rate payer" equity among all users.

  8.  Provides solutions to administrative and policy glitches in the billing system and procedures.

  9.  Creates a heightened awareness among staff and departments of the need to operate        effectively and efficiently.

10.  Provides solutions for specific distribution and collection system problems in the field.

Revenue leaks stopped today will be less costly to remedy than if allowed to compound themselves over long periods of time.

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